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Finca La Vega belongs to the Taborda Rojas family. It is located in the village of San José outside the municipality of Amagá in Southwestern Antioquia Colombia, at an elevation of 1800-1900 meters. The farm has an extension of about 3 hectares of which 25% are planted in forest and the rest contains the farm house and the coffee plantation of 13.000 coffee trees. The varietals grown are Castillo Rosario, Cenicafé 1 and Pink Bourbon.

This is a unique offering and our ONLY Honey Processed coffee we have. Honey processing is a kind of a halfway point between washed and natural processing techniques. The skin and some of the mucilage (the fruit of the coffee cherry) is removed mechanically when the cherry is picked. The cherry is then dried with the mucilage in tact and when it is sufficiently dried it is dry milled to remove the dried mucilage. The result is a unique berry like flavor with bright acidity.

Producing Family: Taborda Cortez Family
Origin: Colombia.
Subregion: Southwestern Antioquia - Titiribí Town.
Elevation: 1.600m above sea level.

No pesticides or insecticides are used at any of these farms on the harvesting or processing of the coffee cherries. Organic compost made at the farm is commonly used on the farming process and clean water is used for washing the beans.

Cupping Notes:

  • Tasting Notes: Plum, peach, berries & caramel. Bright acidity, midium to full body
  • Process: Yellow Honey - Combined Fermentation (Anaerobic + Aerobic) 65 hr