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Traveling to Peru is always amazing. But there is something about a 9 hour truck trip up the mountains and to the tropics, that simply blows you away. That's how this trip was to San Ignacio, Cajamarca. A small town so far North that it is almost on the border with Ecuador. San Ignacio has become one of the hottest coffee growing regions of Peru. Competing head on with the more traditional coffee regions of Central Peru, like Villa Rica and Chanchamayo.

CENFROCAFE, is one of the most important coffee cooperatives in the North of Peru. Its members are located in the small towns of Jaen and San Ignacio (pictured above). The majority of this coffee is washed in each farm and later brought to a central location in Jaen for processing. Coffee farmers are well organized and have numerous certifications. They have recently implemented a crop improvement system under the guidance of the Junta Nacional de Cafe of Peru.

This is a DECAF coffee processed using the natural Swiss Water Processing system, which does not disrupt the aromas and flavors . Buy this coffee from Cervantes Coffee.

Cupping Notes:

Spice-like aromas, pleasant flavors of fig, dates & raisins; medium body with a smooth finish. / Medium-Light Roast.