Fund to Support the Farmers in Honduras

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As some of you may have seen from the news, the countries of Central America have been devastated by two hurricanes back to back. First ETA, which alone had caused the death of at least 150 people and damages worth $5 Billion, and more recently this week IOTA which hit the Eastern and Central parts of Honduras particularly strong.

This is a terrible and long lasting tragedy for the people living in these regions. Not only have the coffee farmers been affected, but also the roads, electricity, and communication between urban centers and ports, which are the lifeline to the coffee growing areas.

In response to this terrible natural catastrophe, we've created this Fund to support the communities affected by the hurricanes. And as you know, here at Cervantes Coffee we partner with local farmers and farmer organizations in Honduras to source our coffee. By purchasing any of the 3 coffees we offer from Honduras, you will be directly supporting these farmers and in addition, we will commit 10% of the profits from these, to this effort. These coffees are the Honduras San Marcos, the Honduras Natural Processed, and the Honduras Capucas Melado.

The funds raised through this Fund and the profits, will be sent to our friends and contacts at Copan Care, and other non profit organizations working to help those affected by the storms and the aftermath.

Your support will assist Copan Care and others in providing families with relief, supplies, food and water in these difficult times. 


The Cervantes Coffee Team