Bolivia: San Ignacio Victor Mamani, Family Farm

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The Coffee:
Certification: Certified organic by Ceres, GmbH (USDA)

Quick Facts
Region: San Ignacio
Country: Bolivia
Producer: Victor Mamani
Elevation: 1,615m

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Bolivia Victor Mamani San Ignacio Organic

The Region: San Ignacio
San Ignacio is a rural area located in the province of Ayopaya, about halfway between the urban centers of Laz Paz and Cochabamba. Although the department of Cochabamba is known as the “breadbasket of Bolivia,” Ayopaya is a territory that houses a range of micro-climates, including snowy peaks and tropical valleys. The region is rich in mineral resources and biodiversity, and continues to be inhabited primarily by indigenous Quechua and Aymara communities. The warm climate in the tropical zones is ideal for cultivating coffee plants, as many families do to support their livelihood. Meandering through the valleys are two flowing rivers that branch off from the Beni River to the north: Rio Santa Elena and Rio Cotacajes. Visitors to this region can also stop at the beautiful Parque Nacional Isiboro-Secure nearby, known for being one of the most diverse national parks in the country.

The Producer: Victor Mamani
Today, Victor Mamani runs a coffee farm with his wife Aleja and their four young daughters: Yola, Sonia, Marisol, and Magali. But it took them plenty of time, energy, and hard work to get to where they are today. Not originally from the area, Victor and Aleja began their coffee journey as laborers on “cafetales” (coffee farms) in San Ignacio. After five arduous years they were each able to purchase their own cafetal and permanently moved to San Ignacio in 2002.

Like many other coffee farmers in San Ignacio, their present cafetal is 10 hectares (approx. 22 acres) in size, four of which are dedicated solely to coffee production. It is located at an elevation of 1,615m (5300 ft) and the coffee they grow is of the Typica varietal.

The beans purchased by Cervantes Coffee are vacuum-packed at the dry mill in San Ignacio.