Wholesale Coffee for Restaurants and Coffee Shops Backup

Wholesale Coffee

"We’ve been working with Cervantes Coffee since we opened. They provide consistent service and great Peruvian coffee that we are proud to serve at Chef Jose Andres' China Chilcano."  Andy Myers - ThinkFoodGroup Beverage Director and Master Sommelier.

 As featured in Northern Virginia Magazine, we have elevated the concept of coffee for restaurants. Cervantes Coffee is an artisan coffee roaster located in Springfield, Virginia. We specialize in top quality single origin freshly roasted coffee. We Roast To Order. Quality of freshly roasted coffee is superior. We currently serve our coffee in top restaurants, coffee shops, churches, organization, offices and markets. We also provide top of the line coffee equipment, from espresso machines and grinders to brewers and hot water towers. We provide service and support for you and your coffee equipment 24/7.





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Services and wholesale beans for Restaurants and Coffee Shops:

  1. We can provide your food service business a variety of origin coffees so that your espresso machine or coffee pots can pour out the best origin taste and aromas.
  2. We sell, lease and provide coffee equipment for both espresso and brewing. We carry out free audits to assess the status of your equipment and make any recommendations that will fit your budget and needs. 
  3. We can bring increased value added and “freshness” to existing fresh coffee offerings making your restaurant a place know for quality coffee serving.
  4. We can bring stronger brand presence to the market with a local coffee brand that has your signature on it and people will want some of that freshly locally roasted coffee.
  5. We can provide your restaurant a partnership for supporting events and other services where specialty coffee can be part of a product mix or offering.

Retail sales of coffee and Private Label for your restaurant or business.

Cervantes Coffee can offer your restaurant or shop your own private label as part of their retail coffee offerings along with their existing brands. We can offer you a unique roasting profile that will be unique to your shop. Or we can manage a number of roasts for your customers needs.