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During the harvest time, workers walk the fields every day picking only the ripe cherries, all cherries do not ripen at the same time so it is necessary to pass by the same tree several times during a harvest period. At the end of the day the coffee gets sorted and pulp or put inside grainpro bags for an anaerobic fermentation depending on what process is being done. The coffee can go through an anaerobic fermentation anywhere from two to three days and after it is either put into raised beds to try or pulped and washed if it is a washed coffee.

About 4% of the production from our coffee farms is Peaberry. Normally, a coffee cherry contains to coffee seeds. But occasionally we find only one seed inside one coffee cherry, this sole seed grows inside the cherry as a round coffee bean, which we know in English as pea berry and in Spanish as caracolillo. The peaberry can be a very sweet coffee, which makes sense since only one seed takes the sugar of the whole cherry. This blend is made from pea berry and beans of similar sizes from screens 13 and 14 with coffee from the following farms: Finca La Vega – Finca La María – Finca El Camilo – Finca La Cordillera and Finca La Candela. All of these farms are located in elevations between 1600 and 1900 meters. Within the villages of La Loma del Guamo in Titiribí Antioquia and Pueblito de San José in Amagá Antioquia Colombia.

This coffee is a wonderful blend of Natural/Unwashed, Honey-process, and Washed processed coffees!

No pesticides or insecticides are used at any of these farms on the harvesting or processing of the coffee cherries. Organic compost made at the farm is commonly used on the farming process and clean water is used for washing the beans.

Cupping Notes:

Vibrant, Rich, Complex, Pleasant Stone Fruit Aroma, with Cocoa and Peach flavors.

Varietals: Castillo Rosario, Yellow Castillo, Cenicafé 1 
Region: Southwestern Antioquia
Country: Colombia
Producers: Taborda Rojas, Taborda Cortez, Montoya Madrigal, Lotero Cano, & Rojas Granados.
Elevation: 1,600-1,900 Meters Above Sea Level 

Processing Methods: Fully washed, Natural, Red Honey & Yellow Honey.