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Haiti used to be one of the most important coffee countries in the Western Hemisphere. The industry has suffered a number of setbacks, from the embargos in the 80s and 90s, to a loss of competitiveness from other growing regions. Today farmers are trying to make a come back with some high quality and unique varieties of coffee which make this origin, a rarity in the North America.

This coffee is from a local farmer cooperative called Association of Coffee Growers of Belle-Anse (APCAB in French) which represents close to 680 growers. The coffee is processed by the coop which is located in the region called Central Plateau. Get some of this unique coffee, roasted to a medium dark, which we have discovered brings that sweet earthy aroma and flavor to this coffee. 

Cupping Notes:

Distinct earthy tone, balanced & smooth; deep and dark. This coffee is washed and sun dried. / Medium-Dark Roast.