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Finca La María has been producing coffee since 1945. The farm has been passed from one generation to another one throughout the years. It belonged to Gustavo Taborda, Adolfo’s father during a period of 20 years from 1993 to 2013. Gustavo Taborda then sold the farm to his son Adolfo Taborda in 2013. Adolfo, who had a farm in another mountain of the region 4 hours away by car, has been in the business his whole life. He decided to sell his current farm to buy his father's and moved with his wife Zoé and his daughter Lorena to the place where he had grown up to manage his new coffee farm.
Today the Taborda Cortez family has a plantation of about 12,000 trees and the extended experience and many advantages on the good conditions of the soil have helped Adolfo develop an exceptional coffee that deserves to be shown and recognized as such. Additionally, Adolfo and his family are responsible and disciplined people full of love and pride for what they do, and that is why their  dedication and hard work deserves to be compensated at this fair price.

Cupping Notes:

Well-balanced, full-bodied, orange blossom & nutty with a sweet finish.

Quick Facts
Region: Southwestern Antioquia
Country: Colombia
Elevation: 1,600 MTS