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  • Guatemala Huehuetenango ASDECAFE

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    This coffee comes from the exact same region our very own Marialy visited last year in November. Western Guatemala or better yet, Huehuetenango!!  One of the regions with the best coffee. The coffee from this region is Strictly Hard Bean, that is, grown at above 4,500 feet. That's pretty high!!

    We are sourcing this coffee from the Sustainable Coffee Association of Guatemala (ASDECAFE), a farm association made up of a select group of coffee cooperatives committed to sustainability standards. This coffee has a sweet taste and aftertaste. It has hints of apple and cherry and a sudden aroma of chocolate when freshly roasted. 

    This coffee is Fair Trade and Organic certified. This coffee is produced by small farmers, women and men, of the highlands of Guatemala. We have it here at Cervantes Coffee but for a limited time only as we were only able to secure a couple of pallets of it.

  • Guatemala Huehuetenango ASDECAFE
  • Guatemala Huehuetenango ASDECAFE

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