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If you have not tried a honey processed coffee, this is the one to try. This coffee goes through what is called the honey process. In this, the skin is removed but the mucilage is left on the seed to dry. It is the sticky texture and the golden amber color of the mucilage reminiscent of honey that led coffee producers to name this method the honey process.

This coffee is produced by Cooperativa CAPUCAS Limitada, located in western Honduras near the Celaque National Park – a cloud forest containing the country’s highest mountain. They work to promote the sustainable development of their local economy through financial, technical, productive and marketing services for members and families. Reducing poverty and increasing standards of life for their community are their main objectives and ongoing development programs have benefited approximately 5,000 people in Las Capucas and surrounding regions.

Cupping Notes:

Honey-process, mouthwatering, green grapes, rich cocoa, crisp-forward and yet a smooth finish. / Medium-Light Roast.