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If you like naturals, this is the one to try! The "natural" method requires a slower drying process, where the beans are left inside the cherry and dried by the sun (see image). The cherries dry like raisins and turn dark. This allows the fruit to have an impact on the coffee adding flavorful complexities to the final bean. This coffee comes from the COMSA Cooperative in Marcala, Honduras. One of the first coffee regions in Central America we visited 12 years ago. This cooperative is a third wave organization, having been Fair Trade and Organic certified, they now have direct relationships with roasters across the world. Farmer members are located in the mountains at 1,400 meters (4,500 feet), an excellent altitude for coffee growing.

Cupping Notes:

Full-bodied with rich chocolate, prominent blueberry flavors & aroma; sweet.


*This is a specialty coffee only available on our website and our store.*