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the single origin difference

What is Single Origin Coffee?

We take time and effort to select the best available green coffee in the market working directly with suppliers, coffee cooperatives, and individual growers, so we know exactly where our coffee comes from. We visit the coffee regions every year, to compare and see firsthand the farmers and establish long term relationships with them. Our goal is that you know exactly where your coffee is from all the way to the farm or region of the world.

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What people are saying about us


We’ve been working with Cervantes Coffee since we opened. They provide consistent service and great Peruvian coffee that we are proud to serve at China Chilcano.

Andy Myers

ThinkFoodGroup Beverage Director and Master Sommelier


I’ve been coming to Cervantes since soon after they opened and have so enjoyed having them in our neighborhood. The coffee is excellent, roasted in-house and carefully sourced, sometimes from farmers the owners know personally. The cute cafe atmosphere is a home away from home when I need to focus on writing — or meet a friend for a better cup of coffee.

Whitney Pipkin

Freelance Food Writer


We’ve been purchasing Cervantes Coffee for years. They have outstanding quality for our espresso and brewed coffee servings. On the equipment service and support, they are prompt and always in a good spirit to work with looking for solutions to any issues we have. 

Rabih Abi Aad

Owner and General Manager Me Jana Restaurant Arlington

From our founder, Marialy

"I have fond memories of my grandfather's farm in Eastern Bolivia, picking coffee with my brothers and cousins. After college, I worked with a non-profit aiding the women and men farming beans and other crops. I worked alongside them to develop their cooperatives so they could better market and sell their products internationally.

When I moved to the US, I decided to take that relationship with farmers one step further and roast small amounts of coffee from Bolivia. At first I started in our garage and the coffee beans were sold to friends and neighbors. But as the orders grew, the roasting business moved to a proper facility in Springfield, Virginia.

Since then, Cervantes Coffee has become an artisan roaster, specializing in single origin coffees from Central and South America. Why do I focus on these regions? Because it's the part of the world that I know the best! I travel to the coffee farms once a year. Cervantes was born out of my passion for coffee and sharing it with my friends and the community I live in. I wanted to tell those around me the story behind the cup: where coffee is grown, how its grown, and who grows it."