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Marialy is from Bolivia, and started working with small farmers early in her life. Farmer education, adult literacy and small business run deep in her blood. Opening up a coffee roastery was the natural next step. She learned early on that the best way to help farmers and work across countries is to establish long lasting business relations. And that is what she has done.

Cervantes Coffee started by importing small amounts of coffee from Bolivia and Peru, and later from Nicaragua and Honduras. Today we work directly with small farmer cooperatives across the globe, and visit farms several times a year to maintain relations with farmers and grow new ones.

"Roasting coffee is our passion. You will
notice it when you try our coffee!"

- Marialy Justiniano

Master Roaster and Owner

Know where your coffee is from.

We are a woman owned coffee roasting business based in Northern Virginia. We pioneered the concept of specialty single origin coffee in the region serving customers in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC and Pennsylvania. Today our coffee is being served in churches, restaurants, cafes, offices, bakeries and specialty markets.

People are starting to go beyond the anonymous coffee sources, the national blends and the flavored coffees. Single Origin is in, and we specialize in that.

We roast coffee everyday. Our coffee is fresh roasted guaranteed. Order some coffee from us today and find out what makes our coffee special. 

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