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Marialy Justiniano - Master Roaster

"Roasting coffee is our passion. You will notice it when you try our coffee!" - Marialy Justiniano - Master Roaster and Owner.

Cervantes Coffee is an artisan roaster specialized in single origin coffees from Central and South America. We specialize in these regions because it's the part of the world that we know the best.  

Cervantes Coffee was born out of our interest in sharing our passion for coffee with friends and our extended community. We wanted to tell those around us the story behind the cup: where coffee is grown, how its grown, and who grows it.

We are a woman owned coffee roasting business based in Northern Virginia. We currently distribute our coffee in 40 different establishments in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC and Pennsylvania. Our coffee is being served in churches, restaurants, cafes, offices, bakeries and supermarkets. People are starting to move away from the anonymous coffee sources, the general "fair trades" and the national blends. Single Origin is in, and we specialize in that. We take time and effort to select the best available green coffee in the market working directly with suppliers, coffee cooperatives, and individual growers, so we know where our coffee comes from. We visit the coffee regions every year, to compare and see firsthand the farmers and establish long term relationship with them. Our goal is that you know exactly where your coffee is from all the way to the farm or region of the world.

Cervantes Coffee operates almost exclusively on a Roast To Order basis.

We roast coffee everyday based on orders that we receive. Our coffee is fresh roasted guaranteed. We've shipped our coffee to over 15 different states and three countries. Order some coffee from us today and find out what makes our coffee special. Single Origin is our motto.