Single Origin Coffee

What is Single Origin Coffee?

Single Origin Coffee stands for coffee that is authentic to a particular region or farm. Take Colombia for example. The country has literally hundreds of coffee growing regions across its mountains and valleys and each region has its unique coffee profile. We believe customers should be able to know where their coffee comes from, to enjoy a better coffee experience. While we have developed a few blends specially for our espresso beans, most of our coffee offerings are unique to a coffee farm, a coffee cooperative, or a particular region in a country. Such is the case of our Guatemalan coffee, which we source from FECCEG, one of the largest farmer cooperatives in the country, specialized in Fair Trade and organic coffee. As we have learned from our various trips to Guatemala and the farmers, its all about relationships.

Coffee cupping at FECCEG


Single origin coffee nurtures relationships between producers, roasters, and consumers. Oftentimes, coffee farmers are forced to go against their better judgment and contradict long-standing farming processes and traditions, to mass produce beans for large companies which are searching for huge quantities of coffee, regardless of quality or environmental impact. We, as small-batch buyers and consumers of coffee, can communicate with the farmers, encouraging improved growing techniques and environmental sustainability. As the farmers grow better coffee and use more environmentally-friendly growing techniques, they receive higher prices for their crop—improving the livelihoods of entire families and communities, and keeping the land healthy for the future generations of growers.

Know Where Your Coffee Comes From

By learning the background and stories of the farmers who plant, groom, harvest, and process your coffee, you can feel safe knowing that the processes are environmentally safe and the farmers are receiving fair prices. 

Fairtrade is good. Organic is good. But if you don't know where your coffee is from, then what good is it? Be a part of the Single Origin movement. Know where your coffee is coming from!