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If you have not tried a honey processed coffee, this is the one to try. This coffee goes through what is called the honey process. In this, the skin is removed but the mucilage is left on the seed to dry. It is the sticky texture and the golden amber color of the mucilage reminiscent of honey that led coffee producers to name this method the honey process.

This coffee is produced by Finca Integral El Manzanal, a second generation, family owned and operated farm which is currently run by Chico’s son, Jorge Hernandez. Over 20 acres of their farm are dedicated to expertly cultivating and processing coffee beans. The primary coffee varieties cultivated here are the Catuai and Catimor coffee plants. These coffee beans are expertly crafted into a delectable blend that highlights the natural caramel, chocolate, strawberry, and floral flavors to create a delightful coffee that's both sweet and bright.

Cupping Notes:

Honey-process, mouthwatering, plum, peach, berries and caramel, crisp-forward and yet a smooth finish. / Medium Roast.