Brunch and Coffee

Brunch and coffee: the perfect pair. Restaurants in the DC Metro area are increasingly offering brunch menus as a way to test creative offerings and provide a variety of great meals and food combinations--and quality coffee is turning out to be an important part of this mix. That's what the latest edition of Northern Virginia Magazine has to say in its front cover, and Cervantes Coffee is precisely at the center of this trend, with a full-page picture and article about us!

According to Northern Virginia Magazine, restaurants are upping their game when it comes to coffee, moving away from the unknown brands and origins to the more freshly roasted, farmer direct trade coffees, that roasters like Cervantes have to offer. Want to know why our coffee is so well regarded in the DC Metro area? Order your fresh roasted beans from us and pair it with your next homemade brunch. You'll know why.


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