Reclaiming Italian Espresso Machines

We got a hold off some old Italian espresso machines. FAEMAs, to be precise. So we've been working hard to clean them, descale them and rebuild them. Just like our coffee, we like to put a lot of effort on the things we do. We think we can reclaim these old machines to produce top quality espresso. In any case, you can be the judges, once we have them up and running. 

These are the machines as we got them. 


As we took the top off the machine, things looked pretty bad. The machines it appears had never been maintained. You gotta wonder how they were performing prior to being taken out of service.

FAEMA is a pretty well known and top of the line Italian espresso machine. So it wont be hard getting the parts  necessary to rebuild.

We got three machines, and so we had to disassemble them to get the boilers out and all the tubes and connections that made this machine operate. Here are the boilers after some serious cleaning and descaling. Our little warriors are ready to go at it again... 

We are now waiting for some parts to start working on putting them back together. Most notable the gaskets for the groups heads, where the espresso shot is pulled from.

It was a real challenge to get these gaskets out. Now we are almost ready. More to come....



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