Coffee drying methods for small farmers

COLOMBIA Asociación Los Naranjos


A big part of preserving quality in coffee is proper drying, and just like roasting there is no single perfect drying curve. There are many variables involved in drying which makes it complicated to standardize; humidity, temperature, coffee density, among others all play a role in the drying process. In order for coffees to be accepted into Asociacion Los Naranjos its moisture content has to be between 10 and 11.5%. Traditionally, coffee producers have determined if the coffee is ready to be taken off the patio visually and/or by touch. Many claim to accurately determine the moisture content through this method but there is a great deal of room for error.





Over the years, the members of Asociacion Los Naranjos did not know the moisture content until they delivered the coffee to the purchasing point in the town of San Agustin. Recently, Cafe Imports supplied Los Naranjos with a moisture meter. This has been of great benefit to the Association and will help them to continue providing top quality Specialty Coffee.



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