Coffee from Yemen

Besides being a pretty decent (awesome I should say) goal keeper, my good friend Brent Toney is also a coffee fanatic. He brought me some pretty amazing green coffee from his last trip to Yemen, and we finally got around to roast it this past weekend, For those of you unfamiliar with the country, Yemen is south of Saudi Arabia and very close to Ethiopia on the Eastern side of Africa.

Since we have limited samples, we roasted a first batch in the Behmor. We tried two different roasts, and both came out with a distinct herbal aroma. The beans had different roast colors, but that is fine with me.  Both the green beans and the roasted beans are small (typical of Yemen coffee). But that did not have an impact on the smooth taste that came out in the brewed coffee. Grinding the beans this morning made the aroma even stronger. It reminded me to some of the Ethiopan coffee I have roasted in the past, but with a unique character, leaning towards a grassy scent.

Today we tried the coffee from Yemen on the Chemex brewer. It was a great surprise to taste some light acidity and a strong caramel flavor, along with the pervasive herbal notes. Overall a great smooth coffee. We will try to get more details on the exact origin of the coffee. But in the meanwhile, we have enjoyed the aroma and taste and hope to get some more soon. 

We have a couple lbs left of the green coffee. We will test this coffee next in the espresso machine and share our findings. Happy brewing...


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