Collaboration at the heart of coffee

If there is an industry that really thrives in collaborative initiatives and sharing, its the coffee industry. Yes there is a lot of competition among coffee shops, coffee roasters, coffee traders and coffee growers. But in the more than 15 years of being in business in this industry, I have also learned that there is an underlying common goal and vision of coffee as a product of sharing. Sharing a cup. Sharing a conversation. Sharing stories and relations of suppliers and consumers, and in the case of us here at Cervantes, sharing with our most critical partners, our farmer suppliers. We visited one of them in the month of July. FECCEG, the cooperative of specialty coffee of Guatemala. Marialy got to exchange brewing techniques and roasting tips, and the coop allowed our teenage daughter to experience life with coffee growers in the heart of this beautiful and amazing country. We are expecting FECCEG leadership to visit us in September, and continue to share in this awesome relationship we have formed with them over the years.


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