DC Coffee Fest 2023

We were really excited to participate of this great event at Union Market in downtown DC. We had a great time joining other coffee roasters and coffee shops in sharing our products and specialty drinks with over 1000 people participating between morning and afternoon. People loved our 2 main award winning products, the Quixote Espresso beans, and the Cold Brew nitro. We were impressed by the number of people who asked for just a shot of espresso, really wanting to explore the flavors and aromas of a true espresso. We ran out of cold brew just as the Festival ended, so we were right on. Finally, to our surprise, our biggest hit and top seller was the Honduras Honey processed coffee (12oz whole bean bag).

The show was run very well and a big shout out to the organizers. For being a first shot at an event like this in DC, it was extremely well run. Hopefully for next year we will have some competitions, panels, vendors and more space. Looking forward to 2024!!!


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