Our Barista in Guatemala

Allison loves to travel. When we interviewed her for the barista job, she mentioned it as an important part of her lifestyle and interests. This was great to hear for two unrelated reasons. One, as owners we also love to travel as well, and travel is a big part of our life, having our relatives and families spread out between South America and Europe. And second, most of our baristas have and have had that one common interest: travel. So just like Don Quixote of Cervantes, and Sancho Panza, they are ready and excited to get out there and explore the world. And as they have come to learn with Cervantes Coffee, travel has helped and continues to help in our coffee enterprise.

This time its Allison's turn to travel. She will spend over 1 month in Guatemala, with our farmer friends and suppliers, FECCEG cooperative. We are so excited that she is there now, and we hope that her time there has important lessons in life for her as well as her own knowledge of coffee and all the people and lives that it  touches. The picture of the woman in the prior screen is a woman farmer who is drying the coffee that will be delivered to the cooperative for final processing and pealing. The picture above is the beautiful volcanic scenery of Quetzaltenango, Central Guatemala. 

We will be posting a couple more stories from her time there. So stay tuned. Saludos Allison we miss you!!!


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