Partnering with local shops and businesses

One of the most rewarding experiences in the last few years has been  establishing partnerships with local shops. In particular meeting with new business owners and get to see how they grow their ideas from plans to the grand opening. 

Its been amazing to meet all these people and somehow be a part of their dream by supplying them with top quality single origin and artisan roasted coffee. 

When we first went into the coffee business, we were told that public relations and customer service would be key to our success. And we have to say we have discovered that this is absolutely true. However, something we have learned along the way as well, is that in that process, we have also made an incredible amount of new friends and acquaintances. Its so rewarding to run into people in the streets or in a bar or coffee shop, in the DC Metro area, and be recognized as a friend foremost, and as a business partner too. Nothing is more rewarding.

We still run into previous store managers, or beverage managers, or business owners who sometimes are no longer our business partner or customer, and yet when we do meet, we love to hear where they have gone, the new things they are engaged in and what life has brought to them.

Alexandria Virginia, is one of those places where we have had a number of partners and friends. And this coming week, we have the pleasure to see a new coffee shop and deli shop open on 1028 King Street. Lori's Table is the new shop in town in Old Town and the owners plan to elevate the Deli experience for that area of the city. Along with their quality breakfast and lunch offerings, they will serve single origin coffees from Honduras, Brazil, Bolivia and Peru. All of them hand roasted and sourced directly from small farmers. We wish Lori's Table all the success in the world. 

Follow them on Facebook to learn when their actual opening will be.... 



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