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Nuova Simonelli APPIA II Volumetric 2 Group

This espresso machine is for a high volume restaurant or coffee shop. It is a work horse and delivers the best most consistent espresso shot all year long. In pearl and black colors. Send us an email if you need the specification sheet and if you have any questions or doubts before you buy.  This machine requires 220 voltage. 

Volumetric: This means it has programmable buttons for your to choose the amount of water to coffee ratio. For the perfect shot of espresso. You can press and the espresso will stop automatically.  

2 Group: When you are busy, you need fast and quick service. A 2 group head machine will deliver that and allow for 2 people to work on the same machine at the same time. 

Steam: This machine has a manual lever for the steam wand. You can control the amount and time of the steaming of the milk for that latte or cappuccino.   

Purchase this espresso machine and we will ship a 5 Lb bag of beans for you to try it. Just specify the type of coffee you would like on your order.