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Peaberries come about when the coffee cherry doesn't fully develop the normal two flat-sided beans, but instead produces a single oval coffee bean. While these beans are sometimes mixed in with the rest of the 'normal' crop, we get these carefully selected peaberry beans from Tanzania. 

Nitin Estate is owned by the Suhdir family and is located in the Ngorongoro Area, about 120 miles from Arusha town. The farm borders on the game reserve and elephants are a frequent guest. The specialty coffees come from the newer planting blocks that were planted five years ago.

Cupping Notes:

Bright Acidity, Medium Body, Red Wine, Dried Fig.

Tanzania is the 2nd largest economy in East Africa, yet its reliance on agricultural exports, like coffee, contributes to its economic instability. For the last 30 years the Tanzanian coffee industry lagged as other regions surged ahead with more marketing dollars and efforts to promote their coffees. In an effort to reclaim their name in the world coffee markets, farmers are getting organized and planting new varieties like the Kent, the Pacamara, and the Geisha, all coffees with rich backgrounds and tastes. These varieties are adding a good complexity and flavor to Tanzanian coffee that is only seen in select farms and regions, like Ngorongoro, where we get this coffee from.