Coffee Shops

Make your customers feel more than just that kick of caffeine in your cup. Offer them coffee that has a history. A coffee that has real people behind it. A coffee with stories and relationships. Cervantes Coffee offers a variety of Single Origin and Farmer Direct Trade coffees from Central and South America. We know our sources. And we can help your coffee shop capitalize on Relationship Coffee.





Relationship Coffee:

Are you interested in providing variety, innovation, and new products to your customers? Do you want to build on these growing trends? Get to know the people and faces behind the coffee you serve.

We can provide your Coffee Shop with:

  1. A variety of origin coffees so that your espresso machine or coffee pots can pour out the best origin taste and aromas.
  2. We can bring increased value added and “freshness” to existing fresh coffee offerings by adding a story behind the coffee you serve.
  3. We can provide you with marketing supplies, pictures, stories, maps and detailed information on the region where the coffee is from.
  4. We can provide you information and material that will help you and your customers relate to the farmers and cooperatives growing coffee beyond Fairtrade.