Coffee for Fundraising

Need to work on fundraising for your organization, your Church youth group, your school program or a specific cause of your own? In these times of financial stress, non-profit organizations need to find new ways of generating income. Coffee is an excellent choice. People drink it all year round, its not an expensive article, and in the case of Cervantes Coffee, it has a story behind it.

We can provide you or your organization a simple Fundraising Program, which will generate continuous income with very low maintenance and overhead or management. The Program works like this:

  • We ship you or personally deliver the coffee to your address in small quantities so that you don’t need to worry about inventory and storage.
  • Coffee comes in boxes and packages in different sizes that meet your needs.
  • We can do an assessment of your clients and target audience, and work on a package or profile roast for them.
  • If enough volume is expected, we could work on a simple labeling system which carries your logo and statement or mission so people can connect with you when they see the package.
  • We provide you with a simple control sheet so that you can yourself quantify your sales and record your net income or gain.
  • Because coffee is relatively inexpensive, people will pay you cash immediately.
  • Because our coffee is locally roasted and fresh, its of the highest quality and people will want to buy more of it all year long.