Honduras Coffee Don Danilo

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The Coffee:
Excellent Single Origin coffee, full flavor developed at medium to dark roast (after the first crack) when roasted.

Quick Facts:
Region: Ocotepeque
Country: Honduras
Producer: Don Danilo
Elevation: 1,400m
Cupping score: 85 points.
(This coffee is a Direct Trade from the grower.)

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Honduras Don Danilo

The Region: Ocotepeque
Las Granadinas is a long way from telephones, radio, or electricity. Its one of hundreds of small coffee farms dotting the mountainsides of western Honduras. Las Granadinas is high in the mountains at 1,400 meters (4,500 feet), an excellent altitude for coffee growing. Our coffee is from this farm. It is called a "Strictly High Grown" coffee because it is grown above 1,370 mts. And this ensures quality beans. This coffee is also shade grown, in other words, planted alongside tropical trees that protect the coffee plant from direct sun light.

Don Danilo has long been at the forefront of the coffee production industry and is on a first-name basis with coffee producers throughout Honduras. From the coffee fields of Western Honduras to the collection points and even after the harvest, Danilo shares his extensive knowledge and resources with the coffee producers in order to ensure only the best coffee cherries and parchment reach the marketplace. Copan Trade is proud to offer Don Danilo Single Origin coffee that has a rich aroma and full-bodied flavor when roasted.