Peru: Pichanaki

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Chanchamayo is a region, actually a Province, in the Central part of Peru, known as "Selva Central". Some of the best coffee of Peru comes from this region. Its not easy to get to Chanchamayo. From Lima, the capital city, you cross over the Andes in an 8 hour car trip to La Merced, the main city. But its worth every hour. About 100 miles East of La Merced, is a small town called Pichanaki. The Farmer Association of Pichanaki, is a specialty coffee producing association made up of about 500 farmers. Cervantes Coffee is currently carrying coffee from this group. The coffee is grown at 1400 meters, which makes it a Strictly Hard Bean coffee. Watch a short clip about coffee production in Pichanaki.

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This part of Peru is quite remote and it has a diverse set of fauna and flora. There are many tourist attractions in this region. Given its proximity from Lima, many local tourists come for recreation, camping and lodging. The highway to La Merced is well maintained. And this has helped increase the flow of visitors. Chanchamayo is home to close to 150,000 people, and there are still some tribes of the Ashaninka people who live there. Chanchamayo is one of those hidden places in the world, worth visiting. And best of all, where some great coffee comes from.