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This is our Award Winning cold brew recipe; a crafted blend of coffees from El Salvador, Guatemala, Bolivia, and Mexico.

-El Salvador as the backbone provides a rich chocolate flavor.

-Guatemala adds a slight citrus acidity to brighten the coffee.

-Bolivia adds a pleasant nutty element adding to the smoothness and chocolate character.

-Mexico adds a slight spice-like twist, giving this blend a unique quality highly sought after.


This coffee blend comes only in a 1 Lb bag, which is the exact measurement amount for 1 gallon of cold brew concentrate. 

Try some and make your own cold brew at home and discover why we were named Cold Brew Winner for the East Coast Region in Coffee Fest's AMERICA'S BEST COLD BREW competition of 2019. 

We have a video on our Instagram that walks you through the whole process of preparation. Watch it here.