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Back by popular demand, this Costa Rican coffee (from the Tarrazu region) has some of the best coffee plantations and varieties in the country! This is a fully washed and sun dried coffee, which grows at over 1600 meters of elevation. The rainfall, elevation and temperature are ideal for coffee cultivation and the small farmers working in this region have over 50 years of production experience. 

To savor the full aroma and taste of this coffee we roast it to a medium roast profile, to ensure we don't burn out its unique flavors. We use the Costa Rica Tarrazu beans in our coffee bar with the Chemex and pour-over methods of brewing, but this coffee goes well on other brewing methods too!

Cupping Notes:

Semi-sweet cocoa, bright, medium-bodied, caramel sweetness, and well-balanced. 

/ Medium-Roast.


Varietals: Catuai, Caturra