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It's 850 C.E. and a goat-herder named Kaldi (or Khalid) is in the mountains of the Yirgacheffe region and he notices his goats nibbling on the berries of a small plant. They're mood noticeably changes and so he tries this cherry for himself. Ecstatic about his discovery, he runs to town yelling, "Kokayi! Kokayi!", literally meaning, "Summon the people!". Unfortunately, the Sufi priest did not approve and he threw the cherries in the fire. But then as the fire grew, the people enticed became enticed by the aroma, the coffee beans were collected from the embers, and they mixed them with water. And so the cup of coffee was born!!

While the story Kaldi and his dancing goats is legend, the coffee from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia is legendary. This coffee has a Grade 1, the highest grading/quality for coffees. Stop by our café or order some of this wonderful, new, naturally processed coffee today!

Cupping Notes:

Bright, pleasant and fruity aroma, prominent cherry flavor, rich cocoa, and a sweet finish and aftertaste. / Light Roast.

Quick Facts

Varietal: Heirloom Ethiopian variatels
Region: Yirgacheffe
Process: Natural / Unwashed
Farm: Aricha Farms
Elevation: 2,100-2,300 masl