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  • Guatemala FECCEG Quetzaltenango Fair Trade Organic

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    FECCEG stands for Specialty Coffee Farmer Association of Guatemala. Its a farmer association focused on high quality coffee. Its members are 12 small cooperatives. The coops in turn have farmer members who grow coffee at high altitude - some 4500 feet above sea level. We visited FECCEG last November and were able to try their carefully grown coffee. We now buy this coffee and roast it to order right here at Cervantes.

    FECCEG is located in the region of Quetzaltenango, but they buy coffee from their members who are in neighboring regions such as Quiche, Solola and San Marcos. Farmers from the coops incorporate sustainable farming practices such as shade management, soil fertilization, and use of compost. The particular aromas and tastes of this coffee derive from the careful processing, selection and washing of their beans. This coffee is Fair Trade certified and Organic.

    This coffee has a sweet and strong floral accent on a medium roast. This is our favorite for pour overs and chemex brewing methods. Once you tried it, you are hooked. 

  • Guatemala FECCEG Quetzaltenango Fair Trade Organic
  • Guatemala FECCEG Quetzaltenango Fair Trade Organic

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