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San Marcos is a long way from our urban comforts!  Its high in the mountains at 1,400 meters (4,500 feet), an excellent altitude for coffee growing. Our coffee is from this region and we've been sourcing coffee from here since our early days. It is called a "Strictly High Grown" coffee because it is grown above 1,370 mts. And this ensures quality beans. This coffee is also shade grown, in other words, planted alongside tropical trees that protect the coffee plant from direct sun light.

The aroma of this coffee hints at flowers and dried fruit, along with baker’s chocolate. The unsweetened chocolate carries over into the medium-bodied cup. This coffee is best when roasted medium dark. A favorite among our local customers in Virginia.

Cupping Notes:

Smooth with a bold body & a bright citrus acidity; notes of caramel.

/ Medium-Dark Roast.

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