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Named for the Swahili word “Imara,” meaning solid or stable, this coffee is a good workhorse coffee. Grown on the side slopes of Mount Kenya, the Lenana region has rich volcanic soil bringing about intense and full flavor profiles. It is produced from the heirloom SL-28 and SL-34 varieties of the Arabica bean, and comes from the high-esteemed Kenyan auction lots. This coffee is bright, with a pleasant acidity, and it's complex, standing out among our other African offerings. This is no run of the mill coffee; it is quite exceptional and deserves your attention!

Cupping Notes:

Full-bodied with notes of sweet rhubarb, hay/straw earthiness, & a mixed berry finish.

/ Medium-Light Roast.

Delightful with any brew method; excellent on a French Press or Chemex!