I never stop learning to appreciate the different ways of brewing coffee. As we prepared for this last session we delivered a week ago, we re-discovered the joy of brewing on the syphon. We've had this coffee maker for over 15 years now. We used it on special occasions and at one point I remember giving it to my dad as a present. A couple of years later, he returned as he was mainly using his mocha espresso pot more than anything else. You can watch this clip on the syphon that our head barista Alex T. made, Quite funny.

The brewing session we had last week focused on french pressing and pour overs. We went over the different grinds you need, the correct ratio between water and coffee, and how to handle paper filters and the actual extraction. One tip on the french press, pour only half of the water needed, let it sit for 30 seconds, stir, and then slowly pour the rest. This little break in between the pouring of the water, actually helps stabilize the flavors before all of the water is delivered.


Come by again to one of our trainings. We learn something new each time.  And we have lots of fun.

If you want further information on personalized training or training sessions on brewing techniques, send us an email at:

maria@cervantescoffee.com or fill out the contact form.







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