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  • Coffee drying methods for small farmers

    COLOMBIA Asociación Los Naranjos COFFEE DRYING METHODS FOR SMALL FARMERS A big part of preserving quality in coffee is proper drying, and just like roasting there is no single perfect drying curve. There are many variables involved in drying which makes it complicated to standardize; humidity, temperature, coffee density, among others all play a role in the drying process. In order for coffees to be accepted into Asociacion Los Naranjos its moisture content has to be between 10 and 11.5%. Traditionally, coffee producers have determined if the coffee is ready to be taken off the patio visually and/or by touch....

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  • Tasting Coffee from Brazil

    Every time we visit any country, we make some time to try local coffee, the way locals enjoy it. Not just at airports and restaurants, but in local coffee shops, and occasionally at people's homes. And every time we are surprised by the variety of flavors and aromas that each culture enjoys in their coffee. On our last trip to Brazil, we visited one of the largest coffee producing regions in the world, Southern Minas Gerais. This is an awesome and beautiful region, lush with farms and patches of green all over the mountainsides. Well organized and maintained farms and...

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